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Our family, serving yours

for over 40 years

Owen Dental Care first opened its doors to serve patients in August of 1978. Terry Owen, having grown up in various parts of Northwest Nebraska, was pleased to return to the area and start his new dental practice. Fresh out of dental school, he and his wife, Brenda, purchased a house on the corner of 6th and Main, and started converting it to a dental office. Brenda, serving as office manager, often came to work with their 1 y/o son, Zachary, in tow.

As the years went on, the practice and the family grew. It was a pleasant surprise to Terry and Brenda, when each of their three kids started aligning their own future careers in the dental field as well. Zach became an oral surgeon, Lacey a dental hygienist, and Jonathan a general dentist. 

In 2009, upon completing dental school at UNMC, Jonathan moved back home to Chadron with his wife, Kimmi, and 1-week-old son, Jackson. For a time, Jonathan enjoyed and appreciated working along side his dad - with his mom, brother and sister all in the office as well. A complete remodel of the building had also began, to accommodate the next era of Owen Dental Care.

In 2022, Terry and Brenda officially retired and handed over the reigns to Jonathan and Kimmi, who feel incredibly blessed to serve this great community with the same quality as their predecessors established. 

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